Managing relationships

Relationships allow organizing and controlling the process of communication with customers.

In ELMA, you can manage relationships with each contractor by creating meetings, calls and mail in the CRM section. You can create relationships for Contractors, Contacts, Leads and Deals. For your convenience, it is possible to create a relationship right on the page of the required object.

Fig. 1. Contractor page, Relationships tab

For example, to create a meeting on the page of a specific Contractor, click Actions Create Meeting in the toolbar.

The contractor field will be filled in automatically:

Fig. 2. Form for creating a meeting

To create a Call on a Contractor page, click Call in the toolbar.

The Contractor field is filled in automatically:

 Fig. 3. From for creating a call

In ELMA, you can create a Relationship for a group of objects. For example, you want to create a meeting for several contractors, on the Contractors page check the boxes next to the required ones and click Selected – Add meetings for the selected contractors.

Fig. 4. Creating a relationship for a group of contractors

To learn more about creating and managing relationships, read this Help page.

All the created relationships are displayed in the calendar. To learn more about the calendar, see the respective Help page.

Fig. 5. Relationships in the calendar

You can set a reminder for each relationship. To do so, open a relationship page and click on the icon next to the Start Date and in the opened window configure a reminder. If you select Relative Time, you can specify the time before the event when you want to receive a reminder. If you select Absolute Time, you can specify an exact date and time for the reminder.

Fig. 6. Creating a reminder for a relationship

After setting up a reminder, you will receive it at the specified time:

Fig. 7. Reminder in the messages section

To learn more about reminders, read this Help page.

After making a call, holding a meeting or writing an email, an employee makes an entry to the system about it. To do so, click Completed, and, if necessary, add a comment and identify further actions:

Fig. 8. Dialog box for completing an event

This, using relationships, you can establish continuous communication with customers.