Example of creating a report with charts

Assume you have a Companies object that consists of two fields: Company name - String type, Number of employees - Integer type. Let's create a report on this object. In the Designer, open the Reports tab and create a new report.
1. Editing a data source
1.1 In the toolbar, click Edit and select SQL
1.2 Write a query to get all the data from the Companies object table
select * from Companies
and save the report
2. Open the Report Layout tab
2.1 Add the required data to the data band
2.2 To the Column Footer add the Chart object from the left panel
3. To configure the diagram double click on the object and or select "Edit..." in its context menu.
3.1 In the settings specify your data source
3.2 In Series 1 (Column), specify the required data on the X-axis and on the Y-axis. If necessary specify their types.
Save and publish the report. As the result, you get a simple report and a chart.