Starting ELMA Agent with parameters

ELMA Agent start parameters

When starting the Agent, you can specify the start parameters. A launch string with parameters has the following syntax: 

ElmaAgent.exe [ParameterName1=ParameterValue1 ParameterName2=ParameterValue2 … ParameterNameN=ParameterValueN]

Parameters are separated with spaces.

At the moment, the following parameters exist, which allow automating the process of installing ELMA Agent: 

  • login – ELMA user login;
  • password – ELMA user password;
  • proxy – proxy-server name;
  • proxyport – proxy-server port;
  • proxyuser – user for accessing via proxy;
  • proxypassword – user password for accessing via proxy.
  • webserver – server address
  • ntlm – use NTLM authentication
  • isproxy – use a proxy server
ELMAAgent.exe webserver=http://your.company.elma:8090 login=admin