List of critical changes in version 3.13.30

Critical changes


  1. The WebAPI StartableProcessesFromExternalApps method has been implemented. It returns lists of process groups and process IDs available for launching from external applications.
  2. The LoadDocumentHistory has been added to DocumentServiceExtension. It is meant for loading document history. UnitOfWork loading and pagination are available.

User Interface

  1. ContractorTypeStartableByRouteProcess is now a separate extension point for working with different clients.
  2. The logic of creating the list of available processes when working in the CRM section has been changed:
  • when a process is launched from a contractor's page, the list shows the processes for both the basic and the custom contractor type;
  • when a process is launched from the CRM page, the list shows only the processes for the basic contractor type.
  1. The "Take substitutions into account" option has been added to the form of sending a document for approval manually (in a manner similar to manually sending for acquaintance). The default setting is No.

Models and managers

  1. We have fixed the validation of entering row KPI values. Entering personal/row values is possible if the user/row value type is set to Manual or Automatic input. Entering a proper value requires Manual input to be enabled.

Other changes

  1. For the Oracle DB provider, we have fixed the return value of local current time on the BD server ITransformationProvider.Dialect.CurrentTimestamp. This value must return with no regard to the time zone.
  2. We used EncryptionHelper to remove blocking when calculating cache.

Major changes

  1. We have added a tooltip that appears when a user places the mouse over a document's name