General information about the KPI module

ELMA KPI application is designed for automation of management of the company's key performance indicators. Moreover, the application allows aligning the management strategy with the activities of each employee and control the effectiveness of the employees' work.

The main features of the ELMA KPI application allow setting up:
  •  the KPI tree, according to any specifics of the company;
  •  any indicators and linking them into a single system of company strategy management;
  •  goals, goal maps, goal tree, goal planning and management by goals;
  •  performance matrix templates for evaluating employee performance based on key factors;
  •  dashboards, which allow top managers control the most crucial KPIs and timely respond to possible deviations.

ELMA KPI offers a solution that allows you to align operation on all levels with the company's goals and develop a system for monitoring progress and adjusting goals. With this application, you can assign all the company's goals to departments, thus significantly lowering the risk of losing or corrupting the information. It is very important that the activities are performed in accordance with a single strategy on all the management levels.

This application is not included in the base system delivery and is licensed separately.