List of critical changes in version 3.12.35

Critical changes

Changes in models and managers

Added the AddObject method. This method allows you to create an entity associated with the main object.

User Interface Changes

  1. Now you can check milestones and nested projects for action permissions (if a user has only permissions to view). Action permissions for these objects are configured in the same way as a project task.
  2. New SMART Task creation form when you create a task using the context menu on a goal map. You can see or specify (depending on the settings) a SMART task controller right on the form.


Properties removed from the process context are displayed in the list of properties to select on the custom filter creation form. A deleted property has a label indicating in which version of the process it was removed from the process context.


The TLS protocol is cleared every time the scheduler starts a job. Restored caching in projects.

Token Authentication

Rutoken Web Plugin has been replaced with a new Rutoken Plugin. Added a pop-up window for entering the token pin. Before receiving a list of containers on a token, it is required to enter the token PIN (since token based authentication is necessary to receive the list). Added pop-ups when errors occur in the plugin.

Unit tests

There have been some changes concerning the UserSecuritySetCache table: now you can force refresh the table state.

Major changes

  1. Increased server performance during user authentication.
  2. An extension point for questions in the task has been implemented: now you can download attached files from a question.
  3. Recalculation of deleted properties when publishing a process has been updated.
  4. Cascade contact update has been removed.
  5. In the drop-down list for selecting a property type when creating a property in the ELMA Designer, the types Process indicator/metric and Process instance indicator/metric are given the respective names.
  6. Now you can check the connection to the SQL server status. If the connection is closed, it will be opened.
  7. The IAuthenticationServiceEventHandler extension point has been implemented  for the ECM+ mobile application module. This component creates/deletes the application token depending on whether the user logs in/out of the system.
    Added API method for the ELMA ECM+ mobile application.
    The ApplicationLogOutAPI method has been added to AuthorizationService so that you can delete the information about the token for sending PUSH notifications. Besides, a method for logging errors in methods that return void has been added. Work with the PublicApplicationService has been refactored in login methods.
    These changes are relevant only to the server side.
  8. Now you can transfer parameter values with the multiple link type from a report to a sub-report. The values must be represented as a string containing value indicators separated by commas.
  9. Now you can create SMART tasks for a past period.
  10. Now you can give access permissions for assessment of user groups. After giving assessment in a performance matrix, the page will reload.
  11. Code standards are supported by MS Visual Studio schemes now.
  12. Connection check from the pool has been implemented when using Firebird.
  13. Now you can set the width of the document search dialog box on task forms.