Structure of web modules

Today the basic order of the modules is as follows: 

  • ELMA.SDK.Web
  • ELMA.BPM.Web.Security
  • ELMA.BPM.Web.Content
  • ELMA.BPM.Web.Messages
  • ELMA.BPM.Web.Common
  • ELMA.BPM.Web.Calendar
  • ELMA.BPM.Web.Tasks
  • ELMA.Documents.Web
  • ELMA.Workflow.Web 

Then go the separate functional modules:

  • ELMA.Documents.Docflow.Web
  • ELMA.Workflow.Processes.Web
  • ELMA.BPM.Web.Reports
  • ELMA.Projects.Web, etc.

In the Module.txt files, you need to specify the dependencies from the basic components in the Dependencies field. You can learn about creating web modules from this article.

Name: EleWise.ELMA.CRM.Web
AntiForgery: disabled
Author: EleWise
Website: http://elma-bpm.com
Version: 1.0.0
OrchardVersion: 1.0.20
Description: ELMA CRM Module
      Name: EleWise.ELMA.CRM.Web
      Description: ELMA CRM Module
      Category: ELMA Modules
      Dependencies: EleWise.ELMA.BPM.Web.Calendar