Contractor Page in ELMA CRM+

Contractor is a legal entity or private individual, your company works with.

Each contractor in ELMA has a page. On this page you can view all the information about the contractor.

Creating a contractor

Open the Contractors page (CRM  Contractors) and click Add – Company/Individual. Fill out the form and save the contractor. After that the contractor page will open. It contains the contractor information, contacts, deals and relationships, relevant tasks and documents:

Fig. 1. Contractor page

All the comments and actions with the contractor are displayed on the Activity tab. To add a comment, click Actions  Add Comment.

All the Relationships with the contractor (mail, meetings, calls) can be logged to the system and monitored right on the contractor page (to add a meeting/mail click Actions – Create Mail/Meeting, to add a call, click Call).

The Call button will be available if the CRM+ module is activated. This feature allows making an outgoing call to the number, specified in the Phone Number field of the contractor page (configured in Administration – System – System Settings). To learn more about outgoing calls, see this Help page.

Comments added to relationships are displayed on the Relationships tab of the contractor page. To learn more about relationships, see this Help page.


Fig. 2. Contractor page, Relationships tab

The contractor page displays the list of deals, made with this company (to add a deal, click Actions – Create Deal). To learn more about deals, see this Help page.


Fig. 3. Contractor page, Deals tab

You can attach files and electronic documents to a contractor page (click Attach Document in the toolbar). The list of documents is displayed on the Attachments tab:


Fig. 4. Contractor page, Attachments tab

Creating a task

The system allows not only storing the information on customers, but also manage them. For example, you can create a task from the contractor page (click Create Task in the toolbar). The contractor will be automatically selected in the Contractor field on the task page:


Fig. 5. Task creation page

The information on the tasks is displayed on the Tasks tab:


Fig. 6. Contractor page, Tasks tab

Starting a business process

You can start a business process from a contractor page.

First, you need to create a business process in ELMA Designer.

The Start Process button will be displayed on the contractor page if:

  • the created process includes a Contractor type context variable;
  • this variable is marked as Input.


Fig. 7. Process context in ELMA Designer

  • in ELMA Designer the created process must be added to the Contractor object on the Processes tab:


Fig. 8. Processes tab of the Contractor object

When you start a business process from a contractor page, a form where you can select a process and enter an instance name opens:

Fig. 9. Dialog box for starting a process

The information on the active tasks and instances of the business process will be displayed on the Tasks tab:


Fig. 10. Tasks tab