List of critical changes in version 3.13.18

Critical changes 

Public Methods and Interfaces

A new parameter summaryTableGuid was added to the method EleWise.ELMA.BPM.Web.Tasks.Controllers.SummaryTable. It determines the Guid of the summary time reports table whose data is updated.


Two new statuses were added to TaskBaseStatus:

  • CompleteNeedControl – completed, completion check required;
  • InсompleteNeedControl – cannot be completed, completion check required.

These statuses will be used instead of the Complete and Incomplete statuses in case when control is still needed for the tasks. Once the tasks are controlled, they will acquire the СompleteControlled and IncompleteControlled statuses, respectively.


– icon for the CompleteNeedControl status;

– icon for the InсompleteNeedControl status.

The following icons for the statuses CompleteControlled and IncompleteControlled were changed:

– new icon for the CompleteControlled status (previous icon );

– new icon for the IncompleteControlled status (previous icon ).


  1. Now it is possible to filter row indicators in the data collection task.
  2. Now it is possible to calculate and display user performance based on the specific row values by defining it explicitly or using EQL filters.

ELMA Designer

The script name is generated automatically based on the name of the element to which it refers.


A button has been added to the top menu of the nested project page that allows users to change notification settings for the nested project tasks.


Now a notification is generated from a template when component trial version is about to expire.

Main changes

  1. Information about the task escalation is shown in the task history.
  2. If a document is moved to the archive after sending for approval, the prefix [Archive] is added.
  3. The template for exporting employee performance data through the Salary Calculation portlet has been changed: if there is no performance matrix for a user, a message "Performance matrix is not set" will be shown in the Matrix Element column.
  4. The performance data exported through the Salary Calculation portlet does not depend anymore on the period selected in the system.