Creating a custom filter in a project plan

The project plan page by default features a standard set of filters for working with plan tasks.

Moreover, you can create custom filters in the system. To create a custom filter, follow these steps:

1.     Create a file with the name elma.gantt.userconfig.js ;

2.     Using program code, create a filter in this file. You can find examples of filters in the file elma.gantt.userconfig.template.js (fig. 1), located in ../<ELMA directory>/UserConfig/Web/Modules/EleWise.ELMA.Projects.Web/Scripts/diagram/elma.gantt.userconfig.js ;

3.     Place the created file in ../<ELMA directory>/UserConfig/WebApplication/Modules/EleWise.ELMA.Projects.Web/Scripts/diagram.

Fig. 1 Template for creating a filter

After saving the changes, refresh the project plan page and click   (fig. 2). The new filters will appear at the bottom of the list. 

Fig. 2 Custom filters