List of critical changes in version 3.13.17

Critical changes 

Document Management

In an approval task where you need to approve several documents, you can select “Approved” for some documents and click on the “Reject” button. After that a new window pops up in which a list of documents and their selected statuses are displayed.

When you click Continue without changes, the statuses of the documents will remain unchanged, and when you click Approval rejected (All documents), the process will continue and all the documents will be marked as rejected.

Fig. 1

Plug-in for Visual Studio

Visual studio 2017 support has been added


Added the option Use URL for remote connection as an address for emulation (Yes/No) that allows you to select the address that is used as the basic system address when emulating scripts. The setting is configured in ELMA Designer (when creating the configuration/in the Designer settings). If you set this parameter to Yes, the system ignores the basic system URL when starting the emulation and goes to the address from the configuration properties. If this parameter is set to No, the system uses the address from the basic settings.


The number of characters for the fields ITN and IEC is limited to 100. Added index to the ITN field.

ELMA-20955 Exporting employees’ matrices to Excel

You can export performance matrices of all employees of the company, all the employees subordinate to the current user (according to the organizational structure) as well as performance matrices from the My Employees and All Employees sections when you search by filter.

ELMA-19768 Ranges for indicators in a performance matrix template

You can set a range of values for a performance matrix when configuring a performance matrix template. The range allows you to change the usual type of performance to arbitrary values that will be more convenient for evaluating employees’ performance.

When updating, the database will be converted; this can take a very long time.

Major changes

  1. When using at least one template with a corridor scale for calculating the performance of an employee, the employee's performance coefficient will not be displayed.
  2. Mass import of objects from an external data source into the ELMA system has been implemented.
  3. Logging of messages that it is impossible to load installed components, as well as recording the reasons for their abnormal loading.
  4. When an approval/acquaintance task is reassigned, in the approval/acquaintance sheet the first executor is displayed (in brackets) in two cases:
    • If the executor reassigned the task;
    • If the task is reassigned due to substitution.
  5. The Global search through all the years, the Year and the Registration Office fields were added to the advanced document search. The Global search through all the years switch is displayed if Continuous Records Classification Scheme is disabled. The fields Year and Registration Office – if the Global search through all the years switch is set to No.