Updating ELMA with an ELMA Store component installed

The information below is relevant only if an ELMA Store component is installed and if you update from ELMA 3.8.x to 3.9.x.

Each ELMA Store component has restricted compatibility with versions of ELMA (the compatibility information is displayed on the component page in ELMA Store).

Due to this fact, if you have installed ELMA Store components and intend to update ELMA, take into account compatibility with the ELMA version you are going to install.

To make sure that the system works properly, follow the instructions below:

  1. Create a backup copy of the database.
  2. Download an installation package of the updated component version (with new compatibility) from ELMA Store.
  3. Copy the downloaded component version (.elma3 file) to the ELMA folder: <Local Disk:>\<ELMA folder>\UserConfig\Packages
  4. Download the required ELMA version from member area.
  5. Start the update process and wait until it is complete.
  6. Start ELMA Designer, open the BPM Apps tab and install the component with new compatibility.

After installing the component and restarting the server you can use the component.