Configuring new single sign on for a web farm

To configure the new single sign-on mode, you need to:

1. Install and configure a web farm, as described in the article Installing and Configuring MS Web Farm Framework.

2. Install and configure SPN, starting with step 6 of the article Configuring single sign-on for a web farm.

3. Configure single sign-on on each ELMA application server as described in the article Configuring single sign-on without installing an additional app.

4. After configuring authentication for ELMA servers (step 4), you must configure authentication for the ARR controller machine. Enable only Anonymous Authentication for ARR (fig. 1).

Fig. 1. IIS Manager. Authentication for ARR

To avoid editing the files web.config (step 5) and settings.config (step 7) on each ELMA application server, you can make a template for these settings. To make a settings template, refer to the note at the end of the article Configuring single sign-on with an additional application. Thus the settings will be automatically applied to each ELMA application server.