Switching the block request generation mode

If a document is used in a business process instance, its page displays the Business Processes unit on the General Information tab (fig. 1).

Fig. 1. Document page. General Information tab. Business Processes unit

This unit shows the list of all business process instances, in which this document is involved, as well as the active tasks of this process instance.

There are two modes of generating information display requests for this unit:

  1. One request with multiple links is generated.
  2. Separate requests are generated for each process context variable table.

If the generation of this unit takes a long time, you should switch the request generation mode.

To do so, open the Settings.config file, which is located in ../<ELMA directory>/Web, and change the value of the WorkflowInstance.SeparateBuildSQLModeEnabled parameter (fig. 2). The default value is false, which corresponds to the first request generation mode.


Fig. 2. Editing the Settings.config file. WorkflowInstance.SeparateBuildSQLModeEnabled parameter

Note, that by default this parameter is commented out, and you need to delete the tag <!-- --> before editing it.