Updating and installing additional modules

Sometimes you may need to update or install additional modules manually. This article provides instructions on doing so.

Modules are located in: "~\ELMA3-Standart\Packages"; you must save module files (.nupkg files) to this folder. 

Attention: After saving files to the above-mentioned folder, the server may restart! If it did not happen automatically, restart it manually.

Now you need to find the added modules in ELMA. Go to Administration – System - Components and open the page for installing and updating modules. Open the advanced search form, select "All packages" in the Package Type field and search.

The search will return several modules and show those that are available for installation or updating. It looks like this:

Check the respective box next to the required module and click Execute Actions in the top menu.

A warning will be displayed:

If you are ready to update/install the module, click OK, otherwise click Cancel.

After clicking OK, all the required operations will be performed and the server will be available again.

Alternative module installation method

If for some reason the module cannot be installed (updated) in the Web Portal, you can copy the files from the module directly to the ELMA folders.

You should be careful when changing and deleting files in the system folders, and back up before doing so!

A module consists of two .nupkg files. For example, EleWise.ELMA.Factory.Web. and EleWise.ELMA.Factory.

To install a module:

  1. Stop ELMA server.
  2. Using a zip app open the file EleWise.ELMA.Factory.Web. From the folder EleWise.ELMA.Factory.Web.\ELMA\WebModule\ copy the folder EleWise.ELMA.Factory.Web to the folder ~ \ELMA3-Standart\Web\Modules.
  3. Using a zip app open the file EleWise.ELMA.Factory. From the folder EleWise.ELMA.Factory.\lib\net40\ copy the file EleWise.ELMA.Factory.dll to folders ~ \ELMA3-Standart\Web\bin and ~ \ELMA3-Standart\Designer.
  4. Start ELMA server.

 If the module has not been installed (updated), then you must delete all the files from the folder ~ \ELMA3-Standart\Web\App_Data\Dependencies. Delete these files when the web server is stopped.