Modifying the main menu button

To change how the main menu button looks (i.e. to replace it with your company's logo) you need to modify the files in the ELMA system folder on your computer. Make sure to create a backup copy of a file before editing it!

Here is what you have to do:

1. Stop ELMA server.

2. Go to your ELMA system folder and find Web\Themes\ELMATheme\Views\Layout.cshtml and copy it.

3.Go to C:ELMA3\UserConfig\WebApplication\Themes\ELMATheme\Views\. If there are no such folders in UserConfig, create them.

4. Paste the file that you have copied and open it in your text editor.

5. Add the following code after the line with <body>:

<style type="text/css">
After you have copied the code, make sure that the single quotes have copied correctly as shown in the picture below.
 Then save the text file.

6.Go to Web\Content\Images\MenuImages\ and find StartButtonSprite.png that looks like this:



The size of this picture is 243*72, you need to bring your logo picture to the same size and name it StartButtonSprite.png.

7. Then, place it in \UserConfig\WebApplication\Content\Images\ . If there is no such folder, create it.

8. Start the ELMA server and restart your browser.