List of critical changes in version 3.13.26

Critical changes

Changes in WebAPI

The ProjectTasks service was added that allows performing the following action with the project tasks:

  • add comments to a project task;
  • ask questions related to a project task;
  • perform actions In work, Completed and Unable to complete;
  • make a completion forecast;
  • set the percentage of completion for a project task;
  • get the identifier of a project related to the task.

Changes in models and managers

  1. If a deal has either Closed (success) and Closed (failure) statuses its relationships will be automatically assigned the Completed status when updating the program. All relationships connected to the deal will be closed automatically when a user closes the deal.
  2. In the object extension, users can enable storing object history if it was disabled in the base class.

Changes in UI

  1. Users can enable/disable notifications on task activation when publishing a project plan. By default, the notifications are disabled. This feature is especially useful when a task should be started later than the current date.
  2. Before the program launches a process, it checks access permissions of a process initiator. If the initiator is not specified in the settings of the start swimlane, he or she will receive a relevant notification.
  3. Items of a hierarchical object will be displayed as a hierarchical list on the forms of a task or an object.


If a task name template is not configured, the task will be automatically assigned the <Untitled> subject.


  1. Users can collapse/expand the task tree on the Gantt chart by nesting levels:
    • using the task context menu. All tasks of the same level as the selected task will be displayed/hidden;
    • using the buttons on the toolbar of the Gantt chart. In this case, the task tree collapses/expands for one level.
  2. The Gantt chart display settings have been changed: when the settings are updated, the previous display settings saved by a user are deleted. Now display settings are saved for the entire project, and not for a plan.

Exporting the list of contractors to Excel

Fixed the Export to Excel functionality for the following objects: contractors, leads, and deals. The Marketing event field is now exported with any inheriting object of the IMarketingActivityTarget object.


When adding a new contact, in case the Date of birth field is not filled, the default value is set to empty.

Major changes

  1. ELMA Agents supports TLS2 and higher protocols. The version of the protocol depends on the operating system.
  2. When working with tasks, a user clicks the In Work button after closing the comment dialog box, they are redirected to the task page.
  3. Added logging to project task controllers.
  4. Implemented untyped mapping rules.
  5. Improved the mechanism for canceling an operation in case of an error while publishing a process for an Oracle database.
  6. Labor resources can be added to the project task co-executors when importing the project from MSProject.
  7. Added description of the Periodicity field on the form of a periodic task.
  8. Closed tasks that should be controlled are now displayed on the process summary page and in the Process monitor section.
  9. A method has been added for autosaving documents edited using ELMA Agent, regardless of the selected system language.