Managing Firebird databases with EMS SQL Manager

EMS SQL Manager is a freeware tool for administering Firebird and Interbase databases. You can use it to manage Firebird databases of ELMA Express edition.

To start using EMS SQL Manager you need to:

  1. Download and install EMS SQL Manager. Download link: http://www.sqlmanager.net/en/products/ibfb/manager
  2. Stop ELMA server (IIS/Cassini)
  3. Register ELMA database in SQL Manager. To do that, click Register Database (Ctrl + Shift + R):
    • Specify the database host. At this step, select Database is located on a new host and click Next
    • Specify the connection parameters. Fill in the database registration form (fig. 1):

                        Host name = localhost;

                        Protocol = Local;

                        User name = sysdba;

                        Port/service = 3056 (default port);

                        Password = masterkey;

                        Client library – here you need to specify the path to the Firebird client library. By default, it is located in ../ELMA installation folder/FIrebirdServer/bin/fbclient.dll;

                        Authentication type = Normal;

                        Click Next

  • Set some specific options for registered database(s). Fill in the database information (fig. 2):

                       Database name. Specify the path to the database you want to connect to.

                       Charset = UNICODE_FSS

Fig.1. Connection parameters

Fig.1. Connection parameters

Fig. 2. Database options

Fig. 2. Database options

After the registration, click Connect to Database:

To create a query to the database, you need to:

  1. Click New Query Builder button;
  2. Go to Edit tab and create a query;
  3. Click Execute Query button;
  4. To apply the changes, click Commit Transaction button.

Before executing database queries, we recommend that you create a backup copy of the database.