Public Channels in ELMA

Public channel - is a tool for organizing communication between users (e.g. in a department, branch office or a team).

You can attach files and documents to public channel messages.

Public channels are created and configured in Administration - Basic Applications. To learn more, read Help.

To send a message to a public channel, select the required channel, enter the message subject and body (if necessary, upload files or attach documents from ELMA) and click Send Message:

Fig. 1. Creating a message

After sending, the message will be available for all the subscribers of the public channel.

Subscribers are users, who can view, comment and send messages to a public channel.

A new message is highlighted with darker yellow, the message header contains the public channel name and the message subject:

Fig. 2. An unread message

After sending a message to a public channel it will be displayed:

  • in the messages section of each subscriber:

Fig. 3. Public channel message in the messages section

  • in the Common public channels section:

Fig. 4. Public channel message

  • in ELMA Agent:

Fig. 5. Public channel message in ELMA Agent

  • in the Sent section of the author:

Fig. 6. Sent public channel message

  • in the email or SMS notifications (if these notification types are configured by the system administrator).

To reply to a received message, a subscriber can open the Messages section or the required Public Channel and add a comment:

  • quick comment: enter a text in the comment field and press Enter or click Send:

Fig. 7. Adding a quick comment

  • open the message page, click Add Comment in the toolbar and in the opened window enter a comment:

 Fig. 8. Message page, Add Comment button

If you do not want to receive notifications about new comments added to a message, open the message page and click Do not notify in the toolbar.

The message sender will be able to use the To button, which allows adding other recipients of the message:

Fig. 9. Message page, To button