List of critical changes in version 3.13.21

Critical changes

User Interface Changes

  1. Now you can sort users in user groups by name in ascending order.
  2. Now you cannot reassign closed tasks. If you try to do so, you will get an error message.
  3. Now you can edit the property of the Link to Entity type on the entity editing form. You can sort data by object types in the data table.
  4. The information about timers in business processes has been added to Processes -> Execution Queue.

Changes in Web API

  1. When you open a specific process monitor page in the Process Monitor section, the parameters for the grid are written to the url, leaving the old page parameters unchanged.
  2. Added the Force to unsubscribe feature when editing the list of project participants. This function allows you to forcibly unsubscribe users from project notifications after deleting user data from the project participants.

Changes in Models and Managers

  1. The name of the folder Billing Documents is generated according to a template.
  2. In the Contract Management module, the name of the Attachment Date property of the Supplemental Agreement document type has been changed to Agreement Date.


The statuses CompleteNeedControl and IncompleteNeedControl are added to the TaskBaseExtensions.CloseStatuses list instead of Complete and Incomplete, respectively. The TaskBaseExtensions.CloseStatuses list is a list of completed tasks.

The CompleteNeedControl and IncompleteNeedControl statuses are excluded from the TaskBaseExtensions.CurrentControlStatuses list (task statuses on the current control).

For ITask and IProjectTaskBase tasks, as well as their heirs, the CompleteNeedControl and IncompleteNeedControl statuses were included as status use conditions in cases when the condition implies checking if the task is complete or not.

Examples of condition changes:


// Old code
if (smartTask.Status == TaskBaseStatus.Complete || smartTask.Status == TaskBaseStatus.CompleteControlled)

// New code
if (smartTask.Status == TaskBaseStatus.Complete || smartTask.Status == TaskBaseStatus.CompleteNeedControl || smartTask.Status == TaskBaseStatus.CompleteControlled)


// Old code
if (projectTaskBase.Status == TaskBaseStatus.Incomplete)
// New code
if (projectTaskBase.Status == TaskBaseStatus.Incomplete || projectTaskBase.Status == TaskBaseStatus.IncompleteNeedControl)

CompleteNeedControl and IncompleteNeedControl statuses have been added to the system reports to the conditions implying the completion of a task.

The list of unfinished tasks displays process tasks with the status of CompleteNeedControl and IncompleteNeedControl.

When the system is updated, it might take a long time to execute the ChangeStatusesToNewControlStatuses and FixEndWorkDateAfterAddingNewControlStatuses methods that perform database conversion.

FIAS Address Database

Since the structure of the FIAS address database in the RussianAddress model has been changed, the Additional Address Elements and Additional address-forming element properties are marked as outdated. Besides, a new property has been added – District.  

When searching for streets in the FIAS address database, territories inside a city are taken into account: settlements and districts.

Major Changes

  1. Implemented the ability to schedule server restart from the web and the designer. The Server restart scheduler section has been added to the Administration – System – System Settings section. In the ELMA Designer, on the Publication tab, on the context menu of the Restart Server button, the Schedule Restart and Cancel Scheduled Restart options have been added.
  2. Implemented caching the result of checking the Elastic server status. The result is stored for 30 seconds or until an unsuccessful request for data.
  3. Added a setting to Prohibit to submit time reports on the completed tasks in the Administration – Basic Applications – Tasks – Time Report. When the setting is enabled and you try to submit time reports on a completed task in the report, you will see the warning Cannot submit time report on completed tasks.
  4. The publication of system reports at server startup is limited: the system reports are published only the first time the server is started for each version of the assembly.
  5. Implemented scaling of metrics graph.
  6. When you save the settings of the All project tasks portlet, the variables from the form are checked now. If a variable is not from the form, its validation is not taken into account.
  7. Implemented update of the performance matrices for previous periods.