ELMA Framework – tools for ELMA development

ELMA Framework is a set of tools that provide solutions for routine tasks related to the development of system extensions. ELMA framework contains tools for solving the following tasks:

Develop scripts

ELMA API is used for script development. It is a set of system methods integrated into the hierarchical structure. You can use ELMA API to develop scripts for both business processes and system objects.

Develop extensions

For the development of system extensions, we use a plugin for Visual Studio. You can use it to develop additional modules or to extend the functions of existing ones (e.g. add new portlets, pages, buttons, toolbars).

Configure integration with external systems

Integration with external systems is performed via WebAPI. It is a set of web services, which enable communication with the server at SDK level. The main features offered by the services are authorization, receiving system metadata, reading of entity data, tracking of entity changes on the server. You can also add your own services using the plugin for Visual Studio.

Documentation for developers

Follow-up documentation, examples, articles describing how to start development, webinars, video tutorials.

   Knowledge Base section dedicated to the development of extensions

   Knowledge Base section dedicated to the development of scripts

ELMA API documentation

To make work with ELMA Framework easier, we provide the documentation for ELMA backend classes: and ELMA Developer API.