List of critical changes in version 3.11.43

Critical changes

User Interface Changes

  1. Added notifications of user absence notification in the user selection drop-down list. It looks similar to the notification of user absence when selecting a task executor. This notification appears in the following cases:
  • when choosing participants on the creation and/or editing forms of meetings, calls, letters;
  • when choosing a supervisor on a smart task creation form;
  • when choosing a supervisor while adding a project task and/or milestone to a project plan.

      2. On contractor pages on the Contacts tab, deleted contacts are marked [deleted].

      3. For the PostgreSQL and Firebird databases, the Task Status field has been added to the form for filling in the Report on document task compliance parameters.

Public API Changes

The behavior of the ReservRegNumberByDepository method in the ReservedRegNumberManager manager has been changed: when registering numbers, continuous numeration is taken into account.

Changes in Models and Managers

  1. In the results of a full-text search on documents, only documents for which this user has View/Download permissions and higher are displayed.
  2. Removed functionality related to strategy maps, perspective, management objects and KPI processes. These objects are considered obsolete and are no longer used in the system.

Document Preview

A new algorithm for generating the contents of the Preview folder has been implemented. Previews created using the previous algorithm are deleted when the system boots in the background. In the Preview folder, four-level nesting has been implemented with 256 folders at each level. At the last level, there is a folder with the document Uid and its contents in order to form a preview.

Start Business Process Task

Now you can reopen a completed Start Business Process task in a project plan right from the the task page.

Major Changes

  1. When recovering deleted document types, these document types are restored to the root folder.
  2. A scroll bar has been added to the Change Operation Type dialog box that appears in the designer when modeling a business process.
  3. A user warning has been added when publishing an object in the ELMA Designer if no property of this object has the Show value. This value is on the Advanced tab of the property settings dialog box in the Display block in the views in the List (table) .
  4. In the Administration - System section, the Indexation page is hidden. Access to the ElasticSearch module is restricted in the Administration - System - System Diagnostics section: this module is available only in the Enterprise edition now.
  5. Implemented methods: HasDynamicForm and HasDynamicForms in the Workflow service for a mobile application. Ttask Id is passed to the HasDynamicForm method and True or False values are returned. An array of task Id is passed to the HasDynamicForms method and a list of task Id with values True and False is returned. Calculation in these methods is carried out in the following cases:
  • if there is a script on loading the form (using the form constructor or without it);
  • if there is a script for changing the value on the property (the property itself is checked and its display on the form, the situation is also processed using the form constructor and without it).

       6. The format of data sent in push notifications for the ELMA ECM + mobile application for the iOS platform has been changed.