Working with Business Processes. FAQ.

  1. Why can’t a user see a process in the list of available processes?

If you want a process to be available to a user in Web Application, the two conditions must be met: 

- the process must be published. When publishing, make sure that the Start Manually checkbox is selected.

- the Start Event of the process (shown as a green circle) belongs to the swimlane which represents the user.

  1. How can I stop or interrupt a process?

If you want a user to be able to interrupt a process, give them respective permissions in Administration > Application Access Settings > Processes. The Interrupt control button will then appear on the process instance page.

  1. How can I search for a process instance by a context variable value?

You can make it possible to filter/search for a process in Web Application by a certain context variable. For that, in ELMA Designer in the variable’s settings open the Advanced tab, select the Participates in search (filter) option and publish the process.