Auto-deployment of BPM App package

In the version 3.10.0, automatic installation of BPM App packages upon starting ELMA (auto-deployment) was implemented.

To configure auto-deployment, in the Packages folder of the ELMA server create an AutoDeploy subfolder. Put the packages to install and the imported packages description file to this folder.

An imported packages description file has the *.elma3deploy extension. This xml file has the following structure:

        <Id> MyBPMApp2</Id>

The BPM App packages, not mentioned in the description file, will not be auto-deployed.

Several description files are allowed. In this case, the packages specified in each of the files will be auto-deployed.

After adding a description file, at the next start of ELMA server, an attempt to install the specified packages will be made. If package installation requires restarting the server, it will be restarted automatically.


Auto-deployment does not guarantee the installation of all the BPM App packages, specified in the settings. For instance, a package will not be installed if it is impossible to resolve its dependencies or if the check will find errors in the content. Packages, which are not certain to be installed along with the other auto-deployed packages, will also not be installed.

The packages skipped during auto-deployment, can be installed manually later.