List of critical changes in version 3.11.33

Critical changes


The package size setting of initial indexing was added. Package size of initial indexing is the number of objects which the ELMA server requests in a database to process and send to the full-text searching server. The range of values was set from 10 to 10000 (inclusive). On test servers, the best results (the shortest initial indexing time) were with values 50-200. A setting example in Settings.Config:

<add key="FullTextSearch.PageSize" value="10" />

The SavingUserActivityTimeoutTime setting was added, which allows specifying the time interval after which the information about the current user activity is updated.

Public methods and interfaces

The EleWise.ELMA.Model.Types.IUseEntityFilterOnly interface was added, which allows you to specify that the type is used in the filter only with the option “Use entity filter”.

Major changes

  1. In the ELMA KPI Application you can now see the values of row indicators in the list of indicators (similar to the “List of indicators” portlet).
  2. The values inserted into the data collection task are added to the database and are saved only when a task is completed.