Creating a deal. Deal Dynamics report

ELMA allows controlling deals and tracking their dynamics.

Deal is an action for establishing, changing or terminating relationships with a client.

Each deal has its own page in the system.

Creating a deal

Only the users, who have the Access to the Deals section permission (assigned in the Global Access Settings) can create deals.

To create a deal, go to CRM - Deals and click Add.

You can also create a deal from a contractor page. Click Actions – Create Deal. If you do this, the Contractor field will be filled in automatically:

Fig. 1. Form for creating a deal

On this form, in the Deal Type and Currency fields, you select instances of the respective objects. 

The deal type defines the sales funnel and the deal stages. To learn more about creating deals and working with them, read this Help page.

Deal Dynamics report

The Deal Dynamics report is a tool for displaying information about the current status of deals in a convenient form.

This report is available for those users, who have the Allow to view dynamics report for deals permission (configured in Global Access Settings).

To view a report, select:

  • a sales funnel (it is an object);
  • an employee or several employees (you can leave it empty, in which case the report will include all the users, responsible for deals);
  • a period for generating the report.

Fig. 2. Parameters for a Deal Dynamics report

The report is displayed as a table, which contains the information on deal stages. Report headers and colors are configured in the Sales Funnel object:

Fig. 3. Deal Dynamics report

The numbers of deals, whose stage didn't change within the specified period, are displayed the in the yellow squares.

Above these squares are the deals with positive dynamics (which moved to the next stage), below the yellow squares, are the deals with negative dynamics (which returned to the previous stage).

The bottom right corner displays the total number of deals with positive and negative dynamics.

The right column displays the number of successfully closed deals; the bottom line displays the unsuccessfully closed deals.

If you click on the number in one of the squares, a table with the list of deals and the total sales amount will open:

Fig. 4. Table with information on deals

To learn more about the Deal Dynamics see the Help page.

To learn more about creating a sales funnel, read Help or Knowledge Base.

To learn more about deal stages, see the Help page.