List of critical changes in version 3.11.40

Critical changes

User Interface Changes

1. The checkbox “Search regardless of subordinate organizational structure elements” has been added to the user selection pop-up. If you check the box, the search results will display only those users who exactly match the search conditions. To display their subordinates too, uncheck the box.

2. Time overlaps will now be taken into account when dragging events on the calendar page and when editing time on the event page in any way. If events overlap, a dialog box with description will appear where you will see the events that overlap. If there is no access to the event with which your event overlaps, you will see the notification “No access rights to view the event” instead of the title and link to the message.

3. Display of KPI values in the form of grids has been implemented. Note:

  • Grid display of a personal KPI can be customized;
  • Grid display of a row KPI can be customized if users have access to the object.

4. For Internet Explorer below version 11, the Go to Full Screen button on the Gantt chart is not displayed.

Major changes

Saving passwords through ElmaCryptoProvider has been implemented. Passwords are kept more safely in global settings now.