List of critical changes in version 3.13.15

Critical changes

Workflow Processes

The way of processing and delivering messages from the message queue with guaranteed delivery has changed. Now delivery is performed using the process execution queue.

2 public methods of the WorkflowMessageItemManager manager are marked as outdated:

public IList<WorkflowMessageDeliveryData> GetMessageItemsToDeliver()

public IWorkflowMessageItem GetFirstUnreadMessage(
       IWorkflowMessageType messageType,
       IWorkflowInstance destInstance,
       Guid elementUid)

Instead of the second method, the following one can be used:

public IWorkflowMessageItem GetUnreadMessage(
       IWorkflowMessageType messageType,
       IWorkflowInstance destInstance)

There is nothing to replace the first method because this method is not necessary after the change.


Major changes

  1. Added logging of the downloading document version feature (added IDownloadBinaryFunction extension point that opens when downloading a document).
  2. A timestamp service was created that returns numeric values that increase synchronously over time on all application servers.
  3. The FireBird database connection pool was disabled in the database connection string. Customers who already use ELMA should fix the connection string manually by adding the attribute “pooling = False”. The example section in the configuration.config file:
      <add name="MainDB" connectionString="data source=localhost;initial catalog={CONFIGDIR}\base.fdb;user id=sysdba;password=masterkey;character set=UNICODE_FSS;dialect=3;server type=Default;pooling=False;" />


  1. In ELMA Designer, on a document page the setting was added that allows editing and moving Approval and Acquaintance tabs via the form builder (when the ELMA ECM+ application is activated)
  2. In ELMA Designer, the Contract list item was added for contractors. Instead of creating the tab dynamically, the Contracts tab is added in Designer by default.
  3. Translations can now be packed into *.elma3 packages (new steps when exporting and importing BPM Apps).
  4. New items can now be added to the Bank Account object from the web form.
  5. In ELMA Designer, in the Approval and Acquaintance elements, an acquaintance/approval sheet can now be added via a context variable.
  6. When creating/editing tasks in the nested project plan, the Project Stage property is hidden.
  7. Locked user icons were added to Administration – Users – Groups (including a group editing page)
  8. When creating a document with the help of a script without specifying the folder, the document is placed in the My Documents folder of the document's author. In addition, if there are documents without a folder in the system, all documents without a folder are distributed into the My Documents folders of their authors while the server is loading. If the author of a document does not have the My Documents folder, it is automatically created and the document is placed in it.
  9. In the Administration – System – System settings section in the External authentication module unit, the settings “Filter for importing” and “Automatic import” were renamed.