Working with the Calendar

The calendar displays events, in which the user participates:

  • calendar events;
  • relationships with customers - call, meeting, mail;
  • scheduled tasks.

You can create events in the calendar to plan your time. The calendar page displays al the events for different periods - day, week, month.

Calendar display modes

You can view the calendar in two modes:

  • as a table:

Fig. 1. Calendar displayed as a table

  • as a list:

Fig. 2. Calendar displayed as a list

Creating a calendar event

In ELMA, you can create regular and periodic events. Events can be created with past dates.

There are four ways to create an event in ELMA:

  • in the main menu, click Add Event to Calendar;
  • in the toolbar on the main page, click Create Event;
  • in the Calendar, click Add – Create Event;
  • in the Calendar, click on the time when you need to create an event.

On the opened page, fill in the required fields and click Save.

 Fig. 3. Calendar event creation page

Subject - event subject;

Place -event place;

Participants - select the event participants (the event will be added to the calendars of all the participants);

Start date, End date – event start and end date and time (an event can go on for several days);

Description - event description;

Attached files - you can attach files from your computer to the event.

Toolbar buttons allow using additional functions.

If you click Informed, you will be able to add users, who will be informed about the event. The page will display a respective field (fig. 4). The event will be added to the calendars of the informed users, but they will not have to participate in it.

The Periodicity button allows creating a periodic event. When you click this button a field will appear, where you can specify the event periodicity. Periodic events are automatically added to the calendars of all the participants on all the specified dates.

Fig. 4. Inform and Periodicity fields on the event creation page

Scheduling tasks

You can schedule tasks in the calendar. All the incoming tasks are displayed on the right panel. To open or hide the panel, click on the green icon.

Fig. 5. Task scheduling panel on the calendar page

To schedule a task, drag it from the task pane to the time in the calendar, when you want to schedule it.

You can adjust the task execution time. Mouse over the bottom border of the task and drag up or down. You can also drag the task to another time or day in the calendar.

Fig. 6. Changing the event duration

Scheduled and unplanned tasks are displayed in separate sections:

Fig. 7. Lists of scheduled and unplanned tasks

To delete a task from the calendar, click on the red cross. The task will be moved from the scheduled section to the unplanned section.

In the tasks section and portlet, a clock icon is displayed next to scheduled tasks (fig. 8).

 Fig. 8. Scheduled tasks in the task list

If you click on the icon, the calendar page with the task will open.