Using linked objects in a process task

Linked Objects List is a standard element of the form builder, intended for quick and convenient display of data of a linked object. This element was originally developed for objects, therefore it has no particular usage pattern (in documents as well). You can find an example in Help.

In case of a process task, there is a specific usage pattern. In objects, a field or an EQL query can be used as a filter, while in process tasks only EQL can be used. This being said, EQL is created in an unobvious manner, and displaying a linked field in the process is impossible. In this case, the specific feature is that the EQL receives the WorkflowTask model, instead of the context, as you would expect.

Due to this fact, to use a process instance in the EQL, add the following:

WfInstance = {$WorkflowBookmark.Instance.Id}

In this example, the linked object has a WfInstance field, which stores the process instance. It is important to add Id, otherwise, the Instance name will be used in the EQL.

To be able to use context variables in a query, write the EQL as follows:

Contractor = {$WorkflowBookmark.Instance.Context.Contractor.Id}

The list of contacts of a selected contractor will be displayed in Web Application: