ELMA BPM Documentation

ELMA BPM Documentation

ELMA BPM Platform Documentation: business process management and the web portal (tasks, calendar, messages, documents, customer management and more)

Advanced configuration

Advanced configuration of ELMA BPM Platform: custom modules, interfaces, work under high load, etc.


ELMA ECM+ Documentation: electronic document management, document types and routes, records management, document registration and more.


ELMA CRM+ Documentation: extended capabilities for customer management (deal dynamics, active sales funnel, IP-telephony, starting a business process from an object page).

ELMA Projects+

ELMA Projects+ Documentation: project management application (managing a project plan and budget, managing project resources, project conveyor and more).


ELMA KPI Documentation: goals management, key performance indicators, incentives, efficiency.

ELMA Framework

ELMA Framework: Public API, Developer API, Web API, Development of custom components
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