Critical changes

Changes in user interfaces

  1. The planned value of the process instance KPI of the Time interval type is now displayed as a time interval depending on the specified time value in the KPI settings.
  2. Metric and /or KPI values of the process instance now can be displayed taking into account the business calendar.

Changes in models and managers

The EleWise.ELMA.Content.Managers.MenuItemManager  manager overrides the Delete method, which clears the cache of menu items during deletion.

Major Changes

  1. In the My processes section > in the data table, the process participants and the executors specified in swimlanes can be used as filtering parameters.
  2. Added an icon for the context menu item Add marketing activities for the selected contractors in the Customer Relationship section.
  3. When editing the settings in the Administration - System - System Settings - SMS Notifications, the Integration Provider (SMS Gateway) field is required.
  4. Added a timeout when searching in archive (default value is 300 s). It is possible to change the default value in the configuration file using the DefaultExtendedCommandTimeout key (This key is not included in the configuration file by default).
  5. The KPIConst class is implemented for writing localized constants.
  6. Added a notification of the Warning type when converting a document which is linked to other system objects.
  7. If a documented is linked to the unnamed object, it is possible to open the object page from the document page by clicking the <no name> link.
  8. Implemented the input of the data entry table in the form of a drop-down list for the measurement units of the drop-down list type. Implemented display of units in the data collecting task.
  9. If a time zone is set manually and differs from the server time zone, the system checks whether the time zone is selected correctly.
  10. Accesses permissions to the project tasks are generated depending on the project role settings. Adding a project manager to the Project Administrator role is optional. The setting Assign current manager to the project administrators role has been added to the project manager change dialog box.
  11. Access permissions to the nested project tasks for managers of such projects are generated taking into account the hierarchy: managers of the upper level nested projects automatically get access to the tasks in the lower level nested projects.
  12. Disabled the option to display tasks on a diagram in the Project portlet.