Using a parallel and non-exclusive OR gateway

In this article, you will find examples of the process models, which include a parallel AND (1) and non-exclusive OR (2) gateways.

These BPMN elements split a process into several outgoing paths that are executed simultaneously. All the outgoing paths from an AND or OR gateway must go to a merging gateway. The process continues only when all the outgoing branches are completed, and the flow reaches the merging gateway. If you need to use two splitting gateways, you must add two merging gateways to the process model. The logic of the parallel gateway provides only one incoming and one outgoing path.

The following are examples of a parallel gateway (1), non-exclusive OR gateway (2) and both AND and OR gateways used in the same process model (3). Below you will also find an example of the incorrect gateway usage (4).

Parallel Gateway:

Non-exclusive OR gateway:

Parallel and non-exclusive OR gateways:

Incorrect model of the process with a non-exclusive or gateway: