List of critical changes in version 3.12.39

Critical changes

User interface

  1. On the filter pages in CRM, Processes, Objects, and Projects a button was added for creating a link to the current search.
  2. In Lite interface, when a user opens a task closed by the "first response" mechanism, a corresponding message is shown than includes the date when the task was closed.


  1. We changed how an indicator with no value is displayed in its nested indicator tree. Instead of +/- it is now represented by an exclamation mark and the "No data for display" message, which are shown only in past periods. In all the periods following the current period all the indictors are collapsible even in their row values are empty.
  2. In the KPI tree, each indicator is shown with the period for which it was created. Changing the period on the "KPI list" form will not change the indicator's period.

ELMA Agent

In the settings of the MS Outlook plugin, you can now enable automatic creation of relationships and set up manual synchronization. By default, relationships for incoming contractor e-mails are not created.

Projects +

  1. The new "Publication" status has been added to project plan statuses. It is assigned to a project plan when its publication starts. A project plan with the "Publication" status has additional buttons in the top toolbar: "Restart publication" and "Actions" – "Mark the plan as outdated".
  2. The verification of task due dates upon saving a project plan has been changed. Now the rescheduling of project due dates depends only on planned task due dates whereas the expected dates are ignored.


  1. Users newly created in Oracle are given a minimal set of access permissions.
  2. The WorkflowInstanceState table is cleaned when a process instance successfully ends (gets one of the following statuses: "Completed", "Interrupted by user", "Interrupted because of an error"). If data from this table is needed afterward, you can disable the elimination by checking the corresponding WorkflowInstance.DeleteInstanceInfoState option in settings.config. Such settings help reduce the database growth curve.


When an object is created and published for the first time after the server restart the Base type field becomes available for reading only.