Approval and acquaintance with a document package

Approval and acquaintance with a document package are similar. Let's take a closer look at approval.

For document package approval, create a business process:

In the Send for Approval activity settings on the Documents tab specify the documents you need to send for approval:

Specify the same documents in the Approve Document Package and Fill Out the Form activities. 

The process is created, publish it and start it in the Web Application. Specify documents on the form:

Proceed to send for approval. At this step, specify the subject and the approver (in the To field):

At the next step, Approve Document Package, an approver decides which documents to approve. To approve each document separately, use the buttons to the right. To approve the entire package, use the toolbar buttons. A document package is considered approved if all the documents in it are approved. Otherwise, the package is rejected.

After approving the document package, the approval sheet will display the information on all the documents:

On the Approval tab of the document, the information will be displayed like this:

A document package can be approved in Web Application as well. For this, go to the Documents section and check the boxes next to the documents that need to be approved.

After selecting documents, click Send - Send for Approval in the toolbar:


After that, you will be able to select an approver, just like in the Send for Approval process task. All the further actions are similar to the process steps, described above.