Checking if a user belongs to a user group

You can check if a user belongs to a certain group, for example, Administrators, by using the following scripts.

Script without PublicAPI.

Use the following namespaces:

using EleWise.ELMA.Security.Managers;
using EleWise.ELMA.Security.Models;
using EleWise.ELMA.Security.Services;

Script text:

//loading the "Administators" group
var admins = UserGroupManager.Instance.Load("Administrators");
//checking, if the user belongs to this group
var inAdmins = UserGroupManager.Instance.GetUsersByGroup(admins.Id).Any(a => a == AuthenticationService.GetCurrentUser<IUser>().Id);

As a result, the local boolean variable inAdmins is true if the user belongs to the "Administrators" group, and if not, the variable is false.

Instead of AuthenticationService.GetCurrentUser<IUser>() you can specify any other User type variable, for example, a context or a local one.

Creating a similar script wth PublicAPI
Updated documentation on PublicAPI is available here.


using EleWise.ELMA.API;

Script text:

PublicAPI.Portal.Security.UserGroup.CheckUserInGroup(PublicAPI.Portal.Security.User.GetCurrentUser(), PublicAPI.Portal.Security.UserGroup.Load(2));