List of critical changes in versions 3.12.х

List of changes in version 3.12.0

1. When importing a project plan you can merge it with the plan you are importing to;

2. Possibility to display a report as a table.

To display the result as a table, a Razor markup template can be generated (the Template –> Table Template button in the toolbar on the report layout tab). The result is displayed as a standard table with sorting, grouping, paging, column settings, and Excel export. Table settings are saved for each user individually (column display, sorting, paging). If the report is changed, all the custom table settings are reset.

* Sorting/grouping by columns of the String type is unavailable for Oracle DBMS

Limitations on data source queries when using the table mod:

  • A query must start with select
  • Do not sort the selection results in the query - it is done by means of the table (do not use order by in the query)
  • Limited alias name, depending on DBMS

              SQL Server –  128 characters

              Firebird 2.5 – 255 characters

              PostgreSQL – 63 characters

              Oracle – 30 characters, for version 12.2 and higher – 128 characters

  • Do not limit the selection result in quantity (offset of the first result and the number of results) - it is also done by means of the table. Depending on the DBMS, different keywords are used.

              Firebird –  FIRST,SKIP

              PostgreSQL – OFFSET,LIMIT

              SQL Server – OFFSET,FETCH NEXT

  • To be able to sort/group the displayed table by column for HQL data sources, you must specify its alias.

Using service columns to customize the result of the selection from SQL sources

For HQL sources, data in the table are shown using the standard display templates. To customize the data display for SQL sources, you can use service columns.

  • Column for displaying in the table - postfix _$view.
  • Column for using when exporting to Excel - postfix _$export.

To use service columns, you need to add to the source selection a column, whose name consists of the name of the customized column and a postfix. Sorting/grouping will be performed according to the data from the source column, not from the service one.

An example of a data source query (MS SQL Server)

Generating a Razor markup for the report layout

Report layout wizard in the table mod

Generated Razor markup for displaying the report in the table mod

The report display in the web part

Public methods and interfaces

  1. Class EleWise.ELMA.Projects.Models.MSProject.ResourceMergedView was deleted;
  2. Class EleWise.ELMA.Projects.Models.MSProject.TaskMergedView was deleted;
  3. Method GetEngineVersion was added to the interface EleWise.ELMA.Runtime.Db.Migrator.Framework.ITransformationProvider, which returns the DBMS server version number.