Solving Issues with Connecting to ELMA

This article offers solutions to issues with connecting to the ELMA server. It happens so, that if you configure the system and the configuration file correctly, the system is still unavailable or available only from one machine (locally, remote connections are blocked). Usually, the operating system interferes with the ELMA server. 

Configure Windows Firewall

If after installing ELMA, a user cannot connect to the server locally (on the computer, where the server is installed) and in case of a remote connection an error occurs, the first thing you should do is configure the Windows Firewall. 

  • Find out what ports ELMA uses. If the Designer is installed on a separate machine, you should also open the Designer connection port. It is specified in Administration - Settings - General Settings - Designer connection port
  • Configure Windows Firewall
Go to Start - Control Panel - Windows Firewall.
Click Advanced Settings. 
In the opened window, select Inboud Rules and click New Rule.
Specify the following settings in the rule creation wizard:
Rule Type: Port
Protocols and ports: TCP, Specific local ports: specify the ports, separated by commas, e.g. 8000,7070 
Action: Allow the connection
Profile: Leave all the checkboxes selected (domain, private, public)
Name: ELMA
Click Finish and try to connect from a remote machine.

Configure antimalware software

Sometimes antimalware software blocks the system. In this case, you need to add the ELMA directory to exceptions. These settings depend on the antimalware software.