Configuring a category list in the business process task

This article will be helpful if you want to create a convenient list of categories for a user. If you simply place a context variable of the Category type on the task form, the drop-down list will contain all kinds of categories.

This example allows you to implement a selection of the categories of the Incoming Document type (current records classification scheme). Thus, a user will see a short list of categories and does not need to search through a vast number of items.

If necessary, you can change a document type by replacing the GUID of the document.

Creating a service object

Open ELMA Designer:

  1. In the Objects tab, create a new object with the Service name. Go to the Script tab of the object. Add the following code to the script, using the following assemblies beforehand: 
using EleWise.ELMA.ComponentModel;
using EleWise.ELMA.Documents.Managers;
using EleWise.ELMA.ExtensionPoints;
using EleWise.ELMA.Model.Entities.EntityReferences;
using EleWise.ELMA.Model.Metadata;
using EleWise.ELMA.Model.Services;
using NHibernate.Criterion;


public class MyReferenceOnEntityTypeQueryResult : IQueryFunctionResult 
    public string FunctionName 
        get { return "MyReferenceOnEntityType"; } 
    public IProjection GetProjection(EntityMetadata metadata, string propName, object[] parameters) 
        return Projections.Constant(GetValue(metadata, propName, parameters)); 
    public object GetValue(EntityMetadata metadata, string propName, object[] parameters) 
        if (parameters.Length == 1 && parameters[0] is string) 
            return new ReferenceOnEntityType{ TypeUid = new Guid((string)parameters[0])}; 
        throw new ArgumentException(); 

Preparing the Category Object

Then you need to prepare the Category Object: add a link to a class, which cashes the current records.

  1. In the Object tab, find the Category object (Documents-Records-Category).
  2. Create a new property named Published Records (PublishedRecords): 
  • Type – class, which cashes the published records
  • Link Type –Multiple (1-N)
  • Key Column –Category 

Saving and Publishing Objects

  1. Save and publish Category and Service objects.
  2. Go to the Publishing tab and click the Restart Server button.

Example of Use

Create a user task in a business process. The task must contain a variable of the Category type. Suppose the task form contains a drop-down list of the categories of the Incoming document type of the current records. Create a script on the form load LoadFormSc.

The script on the form load:

var settings = ((EntitySettings)context.GetSettingsFor(c => c.Delo)); 
settings.FilterQuery = " PublishedRecords in (DocumentType in (MyReferenceOnEntityType(’C151A3B3-220D-443A-A054-A0345A869961’)))"; 

Where :

  • PublishedRecords – the name of the property type ‘Class, which cashes the published records’ of the category object
  • ’C151A3B3-220D-443A-A054-A0345A869961’– GUID of the document type “Incoming Document”. To determine the GUID of the necessary document type, go to > Administration > Records Management > Document Types; then go to the page of the necessary document type. The URL of the page will look like: http://server address/Documents/DocumentMetadata/Settings?uid=C151A3B3-220D-443A-A054-A0345A869961, where C151A3B3-220D-443A-A054-A0345A869961 is the GUID of the document type
  • с.Category– variable of the Category type from the task context.