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Creating an Object

To create an object, open the Objects tab in ELMA Designer and click Add in the toolbar or Add Object in the context menu (fig. 1).
Fig. 1. Create object buttons
Fill in the required fields in the opened dialog box and go to the next step.
Step 1. At this step (fig. 2), you have to configure the object general parameters.
Fig. 2. Step 1. General Settings
Displayed Name * – object name, displayed in the objects list in ELMA Designer and in Web Application. This field is required.
Group * group, the object is in. Click to open the dialog box for creating a new object group. Click to clear the Parent Group * field. Click to open the drop down list, which contains all the object groups. This field is required.
Description – object description.
"Data Structure" unit
Class Name * – unique name of the class, displayed in the objects list in ELMA Designer. This field is filled in automatically when you enter the Displayed Name * . You can fill this field in manually, if necessary. This field is required.
Table in Database * – name of the table in the database, which will store instances of the object. By default, the table name is generated automatically when you fill in the Displayed Name * field. You can fill in this field manually, if necessary. This field is required.
Namespace * namespace, the object belongs to. You cannot change this field for the system objects and for the user objects, which were saved and published (at least once), and the server was restarted. By default, all the user objects belong to the Configuration namespace, but you can select another one from the drop down list. To learn more about namespaces, see the respective Help section.
You can change the Class Name * , Table in Database * and Namespace * field only for the user objects before the first server restart.
Step 2. At this step (fig. 3), you can create the object properties.
Fig. 3. Step 2. Entity Properties
To learn more about creating object properties, see the respective Help section.
After you have filled in all the required fields, click Next. The object will be created and its page will open.
To apply the changes and display the created object in Web Application, you have to publish this object and restart the server.

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